Delicious recipes that will inspire you to cook at Home!

The aim of Sheela’s Kitchen Cookery school in Shrawley in Worcestershire is to provide you with an opportunity  to learn and  acquire cooking skills so you can cook delicious meals  in the comfort of your own kitchen.  You will learn to cook in a friendly environment where you will get lots of opportunity to ask questions.

People usually think of vegetarian meals as boring, they think the selection of dishes are not very wide or there are very few recipes to cook from.  They might also think that you can’t cook these meals at home but can only enjoy them in a restaurant!

I can guarantee there is so much choice and variety with vegetarian food that you will never miss meat! My cooking tips will give you confidence and skill to impress.

Family enjoying a Birthday party at Sheela's Kitchen

Family enjoying a Birthday party at Sheela’s Kitchen

I want to invite you to a full Asian hospitality experience in Worcester Worcestershire  where you can:

Enjoy a relaxed day out

Learn to cook a range of delicious recipes and cooking skills

Meet others interested in cooking

Together prepare and sit down to a delicious meal


Come and enjoy Asian cooking in beautiful Worcestershire

I am based in the Worcestershire countryside just 6 miles outside Worcester, 7 miles from Bewdley, 25 miles from Birmingham. The kitchen is large just waiting to be used to teach you how to cook vegetarian food. I have set up Sheela’s Kitchen to inspire others to cook the Asian vegetarian food I love. I hope I have convinced you enough to come and enjoy an exciting, Asian cooking experience in a beautiful setting in the Worcestershire countryside! I would love to meet you: three delicious vegetarian dishes from an Indian, Thai, Chinese or Fusion menu (new – coming soon).

We cook a huge variety of dishes at Sheela’s Kitchen which could include:

Skill of cutting vegetables

Skill of cutting vegetables

  • Different types of  breads
  • Sweet dishes and desserts
  • Only starters
  • Accompaniments
  • Rice Dishes
  • Vegetable Curry and pulses
  • Spices and accompaniments
  • Indian Thali
  • Healthy options of No sugar
  • Lots of vegetables and pulses

Why the three cuisines, are they not very different?

Watch Learn Cook: Cooking Skills at Sheela's Kitchen

Watch Learn Cook: Cooking Skills at Sheelas Kitchen

The vegetarian traditions have existed in India and China which have been influenced by strong religious beliefs. My aim is to teach you to cook at home so the food you cook is delicious, classic yet simple. Vegetarianism is not widespread in Thailand but some people do refrain from eating meat and follow the tradition of “ahahn jay. ” “Ahahn=Food” and Jay=Chinese vegetarian practice.”

Vegans can also enjoy the Thai food as it contains no dairy products.

Thai Chinese and Indian food has lot of similarities and many ingredients and equipment used are similar.  Hence I wanted to mix and match these three cultures and cook food with variety of flavours, taste which will not only delight you but give you pleasure when you cook at home.


Meet the chef

Sheela Udeshi - the owner of Sheelas Kitchen


Food is in my blood!

Hello I’m Sheela Udeshi and I run Sheela’s Kitchen. I enjoy food and am a life long lover of food. My interest in cooking food started at a very early age, eleven to be precise, and  I have always found food fascinating. Having being brought up surrounded by vibrant spice markets of Zanzibar and India, my family has always had cooking at its heart of family life.  I have years of experience in the kitchen where I have mastered the artistry of everyday cooking from my mother and grandmother. I have set up Sheela’s Kitchen so that I can pass my passion for Asian vegetarian food on to others. I do hope you will come and learn what exciting food it is.

Vegetarian for generations

My family has been vegetarian for generations. Each generation has passed down the artistry of cooking with spices to the next. We lived in a extended family so it was normal to cook for 12 to 15 people on a daily basis, where food was shared, enjoyed, colorful and delicious. Main meals of the days were always in the afternoon. I used to love experimenting  with food by mixing and matching and coming up with my own creations. I have always been vegetarian and love well seasoned food.  Food is my passion – my art is creating a delicious and surprising menu that will overwhelm your every sense.

So what are your signature dishes?

Samples Indian curries: Mild  creamy Korma , mouth watering Biryani rice,  Dhansak, Bombay mix,  spicy dal,  and delicious hot Jalfrezi!

Chinese Cooking: If you love that crunchy spring rolls, fiery noodles with vegetable curry sauce, or stir fried rice!

Thai Cooking: If your taste buds go tingling for green papaya salad, innovative chatuchak fried rice or red  hot Thai curry!

So what you waiting for? Book now for that authentic cooking vegetarian experience. 


If you want to find out more go to our frequently asked questions page or contact us.

Calling all food lovers!

For best vegetarian Indian, Chinese or Thai cooking courses look no further than Sheela's Kitchen.

We have an exciting range of cookery classes and workshops coming up over the next few months.
Come and join us for a delicious Asian vegetarian cookery experience. We are looking forward to seeing you!