Our promise to you at Worcestershire Cookery School

 We promise that every time you book with us you will learn something "NEW." When you come to Sheela's Kitchen for a cookery class, you can choose from  the great  vegetarian collection of the world food that is good for you and tasty too! 

Our Classes are Lacto-Vegetarian

Includes dairy products but no eggs. Vegetarianism can you give you fantastic way to give more energy, maintain healthy weight by eating more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and pulses in your diet.

Whichever cuisine you choose, you will learn to cook in a relaxed way and impress your guests with pleasing food.

  • Find New ideas for cooking with seasonal ingredients
  • Learn new recipes with simple twists
  • Learn to make homemade spices to give your curries and koftas a kick!
  • Explore different styles of vegetarian food
  • Expand your knowledge on how to cook
  • Learn more about spices, fresh vegetables, pulses and grains
  • Find out where to buy these ingredients
  • Create tasty mouth watering recipes
  • And finally how to produce dishes that are perfect for all your friends and family.

 Our Vegetarian collection

You are guaranteed to pick up exciting new skills and great techniques to use in your own kitchen. With plenty of delicious ideas, whether you are cooking for your kids or creating something special to entertain your friends.  So you have something tasty to keep everyone satisfied.


Indian Cuisine

If you love eating that spicy Dal, mild Korma, hot Jalfrezi, delicious mouth-watering Biryani or fragrant chutney then this is the cuisine to choose.
You will be learn dishes which could include:
- Indian Bread: Rotis, Naan or Parathas
- Delicious vegetable dishes: Chick peas, Jalferezi, Dum Aloo, Madras paste

Spring rolls are favorite with all

Chinese Cuisine

If you fancy that crunchy spring rolls, fiery noodles with vegetable curry sauce, or stir fried rice then select a class in Chinese cuisine.
You will learn how to create dishes such as:
- Mixed vegetables in Black bean sauce
- Vegetable Manchurian
- Sweet & Sour stir fry

Ingredients are used in Thai and Chinese cooking

Thai Cuisine

If your taste buds tingle at the thought of green papaya salad, innovative chatuchak fried rice or red hot Thai curry then choose a class using Thai cuisine.
At these classes the menu may contain wonderful dishes such as:
- Sago soup
- Vegetable satay
- Red or Green curry paste

Inspired to come to one of our Cooking  Courses Days?

If we have tickled your taste buds then why not join us at one of our cookery classes? Find out what exciting courses are coming up here.

 Also Coming Soon

We are always looking for new ideas for classes. These are a few courses that are coming soon.

  • Vegetarian Fusion Food
  • Vegetarian World Food
  • Healthy Lunch box options
  • Indonesian Food
  • Shri Lankan Food

Calling all food lovers!

For best vegetarian Indian, Chinese or Thai cooking courses look no further than Sheela's Kitchen.

We have an exciting range of cookery classes and workshops coming up over the next few months.
Come and join us for a delicious Asian vegetarian cookery experience. We are looking forward to seeing you!