Magical Fusion  Cookery Class Held on 12 the March 2016

Magical Fusion "Hands on Cooking Class"

Magical Fusion “Hands on Cooking Class”

Magical Fusion Cookery class was held with Sheela  at Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre, Craven Arms,  Shropshire.

On 12 March I did a  Magical Fusion Cookery Class,  a cooking course at Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre.  Fusion  food is when food is prepared from various different regions and combined into one single cooking experience. Asian restaurants combines various cuisines from different countries which has become very popular in USA and is slowly picking up the trend in UK.

The experience was interesting as not only it was my first distant session from Sheela’s Kitchen,  the setting and the situation were new too! It was challenging as I was teaching to cook so many different things and each recipe had different ingredients that I had to make sure that I took all the necessary ingredients and required equipment with me.   I spent a sleepless night worrying about how the session would go and what if……. I forget and with thousands of other questions.

I was please to say that staff at Shropshire Discovery Centre were very welcoming and really helpful and had made the necessary arrangements with the room layout. The group who attended the session were also very understanding, kind and thoughtful which made my day much easier. The group were also very keen to learn and enthusiastic.

So why a Magical Fusion Cookery Class?

Magical Fusion Cooking class. We are learning to make Paneer which is like a cottage cheese

Magical Fusion Cooking class. We are learning to make Paneer which is like a cottage cheese

It was really a magical fusion as we had a day learning to cook vegetarian fusion of food from around the world.

The food we cooked was from various Asian countries like:

  • China
  • Thailand
  • Shri Lanka
  • Indonesia
  • India

What  magical fusion food from around the world did we cook?

We made “Paneer,” Paneer is the soft cheese which is used in many sweet and savoury dishes.   Did you know that home- made Paneer is easy to make tastes and tastes very nice?

Indonesian soup “Sop Jagung” is made from  sweet corn and the feedback from Miriam was “the soup was my favourite, it was so easy to make but the impression it gave was that you might have spent hours cooking  it”

The next thing we made was Shri Lankan style aubergines PERATTLE which is made by dry frying aubergines which are cooked in tamarind with sautéed onion, curry leaves and mustard seeds.   I was worried and it was a risk with this recipe as I thought Aubergine is something that not everyone likes but  to my amazement this dish was a hit too!

Thai Green Rice is a meal in itself and you can enjoy this dish with yogurt on the side.

We also made Chinese style paneer which  is an Indo-Chinese dish and can be served as main dish or as starters. It is easy to make and all-time favourite with adults and children.

And finally we the dessert which was “Indian “Rawa Sheera”   “Rawa” means Semolina “Sheera” is like a sweet porridge. This dish is usually made during auspicious days….Be it birthdays, wedding ceremonies or religious festivals.

So when you come to Sheela’s Kitchen your day is full of fun and excitement. Never a dull moment!

 What was the  group feedback, When asked “What you enjoyed most?” after attending the Magical Fusion Cookery Class?

Magical Fusion Cooking class learning to cook

Magical Fusion Cooking class learning to cook

 Magical Fusion Cooking Class: Shri Lankan Style Aubergine

Magical Fusion Cooking Class: Shri Lankan Style Aubergine








Here is what people are saying:

  ” Eating the result”

  “Hands on and open discussion”  

“Working together to make the dishes” 

 “The cooking and the whole day experience”

 ” Hands on practical the soup and the aubergines were my favourite”

“The most popular Indian Curry’s”   Just for two  

Saturday 9th April 12.00 to 2.00 at Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre Craven Arms Come to  learn how to cook 

 Vegetarian Jalfrezi:   Did you know that Jalfrezi has been overtaken by tikka masalas as the most popular Indian curry in the UK, according to a new survey. This is a great recipe to learn and make at home. It is a most versatile dish as you can combine this dish with almost any of your favourite  ingredients: meat, vegetables, chicken, fish or prawns too!.

Spicy Chole – Chick peas –  this is most popular dish of Punjab India and served in almost all restaurants in UK.    Popular with both adults and children this dish is also eaten throughout the day as a starter, main meal, or as a street food of India. This is my favourite dish and I would almost say my signature dish as most of my customers love the spicy tangy combination. So why not learn and book now!

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