Benefits from vegetarian Asian food

We all want to live long and healthy lives, so it’s important to make use of the benefits available from our food. There are two aspects of vegetarian Asian food  that contribute to health benefits:  vegetarian diet and spices.

A Vegetarian Diet

A vegetarian diet can help to lower body weight and improve cholesterol levels. Both of these help you live longer and have a lower risk of developing cancer. Fresh vegetables, pulses and grains can provide vitamins, minerals, and fibre that body needs to work well.

Spices add flavour to cooking


Spice can add flavour, colour and fragrance to your cooking. When you see a recipe with 15 different spices don’t be intimidated. If you dont have the mentioned spice you can always skip it. Its important you know which spices go together as spices have cooling effect and warming effect. Learn how to use everyday spices in your cooking and make a dish to impress your family and friends.

Spices also provide health benefits. They can aid digestion and reduce ailments of cancer or sore throats.
Expand your knowledge and learn about the benefits of spices, fresh vegetables, pulses and grains and how they can

Further benefits from our classes

At all our classes we will give you handy tips on:

  • How to freeze food, vegetable and fresh herbs
  • Good ideas for using up leftovers
  • How to use every day cupboard ingredients as beauty products.

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