Did you know you can make Paneer at home? Do you know what Paneer is? Paneer is the soft cheese which is used in many Indian recipes to make sweet or savoury dishes. Home- made Paneer tastes nice and is very quick to make. Follow my step by step guide and you will never have to buy readymade Paneer. Let me know how successful you were in making it and if you need any more handy tips on any cooking subject please email me at

Facts about Paneer

Paneer is high in protein and calcium. The high protein in Paneer contents help to reduce weight. So you are trying to reduce weight then eating Paneer in moderation will provide you with protein and help you in reducing weight. Paneer is also high in Calcium. Calcium is a vital mineral which your body uses to stabilize blood pressure and build strong bones and teeth. You should include calcium and vitamin D in your diet every day. Vitamin D is important because it increases the rate at which calcium is absorbed into your blood. Paneer also has Omega3, Omega 6, and Fatty Acids which helps in preventing the rheumatoid arthritis and other bone problems. Here is a useful link which explains the deficiency of calcium. 


How to make Paneer at Home? Follow my step by step guide:


2 litres full fat milk
1/2 cup live yogurt  or you can use juice of one lemon, 2 to 3 teaspoons of white vinegar.
Preparation time 10 to 15 minutes


Step 1

Heat the milk and bring it to boil.

Boil Milk

First Boil Milk to Make Paneer

Step 2

When milk is boiling add half a cup of live yogurt or the juice of one lemon and keep stirring continuously till the milk separates. Set aside for few minutes milk will curd, clot and separate.

Add yogurt to boiling milk

Add Yogurt to boiling Milk

Step 3

Strain the liquid through a muslin lines sieve. Squeeze out the remaining liquid from the solids.

Strain the milk and whey

Strain the Whey and Milk

Step 4

Lift the whey and discard the water.

Strain the Whey

Strain the Whey and discard the water

Step 5

Wrap the Paneer in a thick towel and put a heavy weight to drain the liquid for at least an hour till it’s formed into heavy block. I would also put the Paneer in the fridge for an hour to settle before using it as I find its more firm and easier to cut.

Thick Paneer

Thick Paneer

Step 6

Cut the pieces to your requirement. Cut into rectangular pieces and use for cuisine.  Your final product.

Cut the Paneer in cubes

Final step to make that perfect Paneer. Cut the Paneer in desired pieces

For healthy option serve with tomatoes as a starter dish.


If the milk is fresh it may feel that the whey will never separate. Be patient and keep stirring.
Take care that the milk does not stick to the bottom use a good non -stick sauce pan.

I will be adding few more dishes you can make with Paneer, e.g.  “Paneer Korma”, “Peas and Paneer Curry”, “Chilli Paneer” a favourite with my children,  a dessert that requires no cooking after Paneer is made, “Paneer Sandesh” “Corn and Paneer” and many more to come.


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