Indian Cookery Classes

Do you want to learn the secrets of Indian Cooking?

Indian Cooking is full of flavour packed with plenty of herbs and spices. If you want to learn the secrets of  authentic Indian cuisine.  Book your sessions now with Sheela @ Sheela's Kitchen where you will learn to cook with healthy vegetables, learn the secrets of how to add herbs and spices to your food and make delicious food.

Some of the favourite dishes  you learn when you come for Indian Cookery  Classes:

Indian Bread: Nan, Rotis or Parathas

Rice variation: Pulav, Biryani  Khichri

Curries like: Jalferezi, Navratna Korma

We guarantee you:

  •  You will enjoy the expereince
  • Hands on cooking with lots of fun and flavour
  • Learn in a friendly environment where you will cook individually or in pair
  • Meet like minded people 
  • Ability to cook the dishes you have learnt at home

Additional Information

Did you know that Indian cuisine contains minimum of seven different ingredients and all the ingredients and spices are uniquely important in any single dish. Each spice brings its own unique flavour and these recipes have been handed down for generations and so the way a particular dish is prepared and cooked changes from household to household. Food is influenced by religion, culture, traditions and a history of 5000 years.



Indian cuisine - some of the dishes you can prepare at Sheela's Kitchen


Indian cuisine uses lots of fresh fruitBatawadas and Garlic Chutney: Tasty and yummy, a favourite with allFood high in Protein Chat salad at Sheelas KitchenDates are a good snack, as recommended by Sheela's Kitchen

How to cook Indian Dishes with Herbs and Spices 

At Sheela's Kitchen you can learn to cook with herbs, when you add fresh herbs to your dishes  no matter how ordinary a meal, you can be make it extra ordinarily by adding fresh green herbs.  By learning which herbs and spices will go together, what are the health benefits and  how to add flavours and seasonings which will give you success to become a great chef!

Indian cuisine: Spice box at Sheelas Kitchen

Indian cooking Herbs and spices

Spices used an Indian cook will have a spice box. This box contains 8 small metal boxes each containing a different spice. The spices include chilli, cumin, turmeric, mustard asofetida and fenugreek seeds.


Herbs and Spices


Basil is popular mild sweet herb which is used primarily for its aroma, fragrance and taste. There are different types of Basil:

  • Sweet Basil is used a lot in India but here its mostly used with tomatoes and mozzarella  salad and Italian based dishes.
  • Lemon Basil is used in Thai Cuisine for curries stews and stir fried dishes.  Lemon basil should only be cooked briefly to retain its flavour and aromatic qualities.
  • Thai Basil has a mint-like flavour basil has purple stems and flowery green leaves. Its widely used in various fish, steak and chicken recipes.
  • Holy Basil is also known as Tulsi is grown in most Indian homes and has medicinal properties. It is used in Ayurveda medicine to dissolve kidney stones, helps towards relieving stress, keeps your skin and hair  healthy and glowing, heals respiratory conditions, itchiness and cures headaches.


Mint is most commonly grown herb across the world. Menthol gives is the characteristic, aroma and flavour. Mint is used in various meals as an appetizers in chutneys, soups,  as main meal in making in curries, or used in desserts as kulfis  and in teas as beverages. Mint is soothing and used to cure stomach aches. Mint tea reduces irregular bowl syndromes.  


Coriander is used as a garnish or decoration in Asian food. Its known as Dhania in the Indian continent and cilantro in America. Its has 11 components of essential oils, six types of acid, (vitamin C) minerals, vitamins which have number of beneficial properties. The essential oils in coriander possess anti-rheumatic and anti arthritic properties. 


Mehti or fenugreek seed are used widely in in daily diet. It contains beneficial nutrients like dietary fiber  including iron magnesium copper, vitamin B6 and protein. It s good for breast feeding mums as it contains Diogenes which helps increase the amount of milk and helps to keep the baby healthy. Reduces menstrual discomforts, minimizes the symptoms of menopause, reduces cholesterol, controls diabetes and relieves constipation.

So what will you be  learning when you come to Indian cooking classes at Sheela's Kitchen?

Sheela’s Kitchen specialises in vegetarian cuisine and here is a sample of some of the mouth-watering dishes you will have the opportunity to prepare:

  • Street food of India: Vada Pav, Sev Puri, Bhel Puri or Chat
  • Breads: Chapatis, Nans, Parathas Coriander Rotis
  • Rice: Briyani, Pullav Rice or Bisi bele hulianna
  • Vegetable curries: Chole, Jalfarezi, Kormas, Navratan kormas or Koftas
  • South Indian dishes: Idlis, Rasaam, or Dhosas

For non-vegetarians, meat and fish can always be added to the recipes without compromising any of the flavour or taste.

Courses include both demonstrations and practical hands on cooking experience. This will ensure that you enjoy your cooking experience, have fun, learn in a relaxed environment and have an opportunity to ask questions.

Of course there will be lot of cooking, tasting, and lots of tips you can use to impress your family and friends.

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