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Abberley pre school in Worcestershire: Parents cooking healthy lunch for children

Do you think its something to sing about? I was recently approached by Abberley Pre-School mums and dads group to show them some healthy lunch box  ideas for school children. http://www.abberleypreschool.org/. I certainly think it is!

Abberley Pre school group

Abberley Pre school group

     Lunch Box Ideas for Children:

I feel that this is certainly something to sing about as the challenge for me was how I would manage such a large group and teach them to cook. I soon found out that the group was so keen and enthusiastic to learn which made it so very easy for me.  They  all chipped in and we managed to cook a meal for 20 people in only one an a half hour. Well done to the group!We had a great evening where we cooked 4 recipes

  1.  Quinoa Vegetable Upma: Quinoa Upma is very delicious, full of flavours and packed with protein and nutrients. It is a quick and easy recipe which you can make for breakfast, lunch or dinner in no-time. It is perfect for vegetarians and vegans too.
  2. Sweet and sour, chatpata chaat which is  smart way to make your child consume protein and calcium
  3. Dates and nut dessert- sugar free:Energising and satisfying these healthy balls will meet hunger pangs and craving for sweets. Dates are high in iron content and rich source of vitamins and minerals.  Consuming dates regularly can help to lower cholesterol and they are high in fibre so helps improve digestive system and help in preventing abdominal cancer.  It contains natural sugar: glucose, sucrose and fructose and hence can be eaten as an alternative to chocolates or sweets.
  4. Pitta pockets with potatoes: Children love finger foods… whole wheat pitta bread; you can use whole grain, Mexican wraps, or rotis.  Served with the all-time favourite potato vegetables this is a great healthy snack.  Easy to make and tastes yummy.  You can cheat by using frozen potatoes or sweet potatoes but if you have making  it from scratch is always yummy. It is suitable for packed lunch or picnics

Cooking class

Cooking class

Group Feedback: The feedback forms clearly shows that they all enjoyed the session: Here are few comments:

“Tasty food which can easily be made at home”
“I loved the additional information about the spices and where to buy them”
“Trying something really new and being able to sit and enjoy the meal together afterwards”
“Learning new skills tips and eating”
So if you are looking for a community group to get involved in some fun and cooking you can contact https://www.sheelaskitchen.co.uk


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