About Sheela’s Kitchen:  Cookery School, Worcester Worcestershire

Welcome to Sheela’s Kitchen. We specialise in Asian Vegetarian cuisines offering wide range of cookery classes to suit your needs. Our aim is to provide you with an opportunity  to learn and  acquire cooking skills.  Once you have acquired the skills you can cook delicious meals  every time in the comfort of your own kitchen.   Sheela’s Kitchen Cookery school is based in Worcester, Worcestershire.  At the cookery school we are keen to meet with you,  you will learn to cook in a friendly environment and get lots of opportunity to ask questions.

People usually think of vegetarian meals as boring or tasteless. We can teach you how to add right amount of spices, how to blend them so you can enjoy the taste and flavour of each dish.   Many people also think that we can not cook these meals at home but can only eat at restaurants or buy takeaways or ready made meals. We can guarantee there is so much choice and variety with vegetarian food that you will never miss meat!


What our customers say

Spices for spice Lovers

Various spices are used in cooking the street food of India

I want to invite you to a full Asian hospitality experience in  where you can:

  • Enjoy a cookery class in relax way
  • Learn to cook delicious recipes
  • Meet similar minded people
  • Together prepare and sit down to a delicious meal!
  • My cooking tips will give you confidence and skill to impress.

We are situated in beautiful countryside of Worcestershire, just 6 miles outside Worcester, 7 miles from Bewdley, 25 miles from Birmingham.

Meet the chef of Sheela’s Kitchen

Hello I’m Sheela Udeshi and I would like to Welcome you to my Kitchen. Our cookery school  is situated in  Shrawley, beautiful country side of Worcestershire.  I have been cooking since the age of 11 and I want to share my cooking passion with you. I have always found food fascinating. My family has been vegetarian for generations, where each generation has passed down the artistry of cooking delicious vegetarian meals.  I learnt the skill and art of creating delicious cooking from my mother and grandmother.

We lived in a extended family so it was normal to cook for 12 to 15 people on a daily basis. It was normal cook food in large qualities and  eat together as  a family. I was brought up, surrounded by vibrant spice markets of Zanzibar and India, and my family always had cooking at its heart of family life.  My passion for cooking started 30 years ago and I have gained the experience of cooking, experimenting with food and creating my own new recipes. I look forward to meeting you so that I can share my pleasure of cooking vegetarian food with you.

My signature dishes

Indian Cooking: Mild  creamy Korma , mouth watering Biryani rice,  Dhansak, Bombay mix,  Spicy lentils,  or delicious hot Jalfrezi!

Chinese Cooking: Crunchy spring rolls, fiery noodles with vegetable curry sauce, or stir fried rice!

Thai Cooking: Green papaya salad,  fried rice or red hot Thai curry!

Book now for that authentic cooking vegetarian experience. 

If you want to find out more go to our frequently asked questions page or contact us.

Calling all food lovers!

Best authentic Asian vegetarian cooking courses in Worcester Worcestershire look no further than Sheela's Kitchen. Vegetarian food can be tasty and healty. Whatever your level of cookery skills you will learn something new.
We have an exciting range of cookery classes and workshops.
Come and join us for a delicious Asian vegetarian cookery experience. We are looking forward to seeing you!
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