Vegetarian Teenager: Does it cause a worry to you?

As a parent does your heart sink when your teenage child announces that they are going vegetarian?  It can be a cause of concern and  worry to many parents. Recently I was reading an article in Sunday times written by Lorraine Candy “Deals on Meal” dated 24 September 2017. She was discussing a dilemma for parents when her teenage daughter age 13 had just announced that she was going to go vegetarian.

Do you think that when your family member goes veggie it creates a problem? Does it cause a worry to you?

Does this veggie phase raise alarm bells to you? You might be worried that they might not get enough nourishment or protein being a  vegetarian? As a parent you might be also worried that this might be a start of or first step to “anxious eating” or eating disorder?  You as a parent might also be concerned that withdrawal from family meals might mean that their food has to be cooked separately,  or  it will prevent them  from participating in family meals. You might think “now all your child will eat is boiled vegetables as that is only vegetables you cook for your family on daily basis.”

2016 research shows that 62% of people in UK who suffer from eating disorders experience the symptoms under the age of 16. So it important that you keep an eye that they are not developing eating disorder.  I suggest that you both have a conversation on the importance of healthy meals, importance of participating in family meals, and option of how you can both share this as an  experience of learning to cook together.

Sharing the experience of cooking together:


Sharing the experience of cooking together

Share cooking

Learn to cook healthy vegetarian meal


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